Maintenance of the navy & nautical bracelets.

All of our bracelets, navy & nautical are made with very resistant rope, you can wear it in any condition and that will last in time. To clean the marine rope, simply soak in lukewarm water with a little liquid soap and mild detergent. For the bracelets in genuine leather, we recommend that you do not wear them when you shower, bathe or go in the water with.
We recommend very strongly when setting the node do not force abruptly, afraid to see the knot come loose. Once the node set, no need to retouch because it will be adapted permanently to the width of your wrist.

Maintenance bracelets macrame.

The thread cotton is very durable but will deteriorate over the years, this is normal. To maintain the wire try to avoid going in the water, you shower or take a bath with. Our beads have an alloy stainless and cubic zirconia stones, cubic quality, but will wear naturally with time. To enjoy it for as long as possible, we advise you very strongly to maintain the best possible (storage of original, non-contact other jewelry, cleaning products, etc).

Maintenance of the bracelets beads.

All these bracelets beads are made with different pearls of quality. In order to be able to enjoy it on the long term, we recommend that you do not put in contact with water, perfume or cleaning products.

They are also made with the stretchy cord of high quality, which will be rigid at the beginning but that will be more extensible with time. However, this does not mean that you should try to stretch it to the maximum, of the risk of breaking it. We advise you therefore to put them on without sudden gestures or do not hang bruquement to other elements, in fear of seeing the elastic let go.

Maintenance of bracelets designs.

All of these bracelets are made of steel with an alloy stainless. Therefore, you can wear it in any situation but will last in time if you avoid all contact with water, perfume or even liquid maintenance. If you also want to lengthen the life of these bracelets we highly recommended that you gently not to break the mechanism that is used to donning.

What to do if one of your bracelets deteriorates (node coward, piece of a bracelet that stands out, elastic that breaks, etc) ?

In the 6 months after your purchase, if any of these unfortunately events from happening, we ask that you contact us by email or via the Contact us page. The procedure for exchange or return will be applied. Beyond this period, we will not accept, unfortunately, no return and exchange. It is for this reason that we recommend the greatest caution in the port of these different models of bracelets.

Maintenance of the shells of smartphones (wood, silicone, leather, embossed print, etc).

All of our hulls have a high quality finish. Apart from the aesthetics that characterizes them, these shells allow for a total protection of your smartphone. But it is obvious that the duration of life of these hulls is limited. Micro scratches can occur on the structures in wood, leather, etc, although this will not alter the aesthetics overall of the hull. In order to extend the duration of these different hulls, we recommend that you take the greatest care to your phone (and by the same occasion your protection) for the design and the materials used is not subject to cracks, breaks and other damage.